• what program(s) do you use to make you graphics and gifs ?
- photoshop CS4 & CS5

• how do you do that “paint effect” on you graphics ? and can you give me a link ?
- it’s a plug-in for photoshop and it’s called “topaz clean”. as for the link we’re not really comfortable publishing this kind of links here, but google is your best friend.

where do you find your pictures of Jennifer and Josh ?
- in most of the case if you type something like “Jennifer Lawrence fansite/gallery” on google you’ll find tons of links. most of the time we use these ones: JenniferLawrenceFan and Josh-H

where do you download your textures and where can i find good PSDs?
- usually from here and here. as for the PSDs we suggest you this wonderful blog.

could make some tutorials ?
- well, we find it hard to explain how to make a graphic because there’s no “special way" to make one. at least for us; we don’t open photoshop knowing exactly what we’re gonna end up doing it. inspiration and photos are the basic keys. but we suggest you YT :) it has lots and lots of tutorial for basic photoshop things.

but if there’s something in particular you’d like to know then feel free to ask and we’ll see what we can do about it.

•where can we find the Kelly Osborne/Josh Hutcherson video ? (the one where he wears heart glasses)
The link on YT is no longer available, they deleted it and there is nothing we can do about it. Therefore we don’t know where you can watch it.